Actionable Data Insights with Commercial Impact

instiHub's Unique Data Analytics Tools:

1. Fully transparent Sub-advisory insights

2. Actual transacted Pricing insights.

Solution 1

instiHub public sub-advisory insights

Who derives most value?

Sell-side asset managers seeking to grow their EMEA sub-advisory business and buy-side sponsors to increase negotiation leverage and manage supplier risk. Early users of any fully transparent system derive the greatest competitive advantage and commercial rewards.

What is so special about it?

  • The only accessible, fully transparent sub-advisory data system with complete look-through into named sub-advisers and sponsors. Updated quarterly.
  • Large €778 Bn AUM market coverage in over 1,931 funds delegated by 180 sponsors across 15 buyer markets.
  • Includes any public fund in EMEA where a sponsor delegates discretionary investment management and/or investment advisory responsibilities to a 3rd party.
  • Fully flexible, interactive filtration and drill-down functionality with exportable output.

What value does it create?

  1. To sell-side sub-advisers
    • Generate leads for replacement, expansion and vulture sales opportunities. Find out which sponsor uses which of your peers in which investment strategy and target your prospects efficiently.
    • Prepare for upcoming meetings to talk about a great strategy you never knew your client or prospect outsources and to whom.
    • Benchmark yourself through market share, share of client wallet – then set growth goals and monitor progress.
    • Plan strategically by analysing the sub-advisory opportunities in new markets to suit your preferred engagement model and prospect set.
  2. To buy-side sponsors
    • Assess your buyer share of each sub-adviser to use the information in renewal or price negotiations.
    • Identify your competitive and differentiating positioning versus other key sponsors operating in your market. Do you use a distinct set of suppliers that you can market more intensively? Or a unique product set?
    • Manage supplier risk by monitoring the buying behaviour of other sponsors using the same sub-advisers. Are they buying or selling specific strategies?
    • Source sub-adviser newcomers to the market. This will include sub-advisers without a fund range observable in other data sources.

How can I access instiHub Public sub-advisory insights?

Anyone can obtain immediate access for a license fee after signing an order form. As the solution is based on public data and not dependent on data contributed by participating members, no confidentiality agreements or data security due diligence are necessary and access therefore instant.

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Solution 1

instihub confidential pricing insights

Who derives most value?

Sell-side asset managers as well as buy-side clients engaged in any individually negotiated investment management agreement – be it through segregated mandates or pooled vehicles, sub-advisory or traditional institutional channels. Users of this strictly confidential and anonymous service include Senior Executives, Product Management and Sales teams as well as Pricing Committees.

What is so special about it?

  • The only available central database and analytics software solution for actual transacted investment pricing data.
  • Creates price transparency to achieve better and fairer revenue and cost margins in a safe, fully protected environment.
  • Global scope.

What value does it create?

  1. To sell-side sub-advisers
    • Bring all individually negotiated pricing data within one central and accessible data pool.
    • Inform pricing decisions for new deals based on metrics such as the impact on your current average margin or geographic and channel specific price differences.
    • Review existing pricing policies with this new information and convert more RFPs into business.
    • Manage your sales pipeline by prioritising opportunities in countries and channels that give you better margins than in others.
    • Forecast future revenue by extrapolating fee developments over time.
  2. To buy-side sponsors
    • Inform price negotiations by assessing a fair price for similar strategies bought by others.
    • Make distinctions between new entrants, seed investment, strategic relationships, performance fees, performance target or risk target based strategies and other price influencing factors.
    • Be ready for more regulatory scrutiny in assessing good value and collate information on fees you pay that may currently not be known.
    • Reduce your input costs.

How can I access instiHub Confidential Pricing insights?

Only members who contribute their data can access this service. Completion of a confidentiality and service agreement as well as our data template is required.

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