Actionable Data Insights with Commercial Impact

instiHub enables targeted sales leads, price advantage, cost savings and risk management.

instiHub Sub-advisory insights

Sell-side sub-advisers and buy-side sponsors both tell us that their staff use public documents with the aim of extracting competitive advantage.

Sub-advisers seek to find peers whose business they can replace, sponsors try to find out what share of sub-adviser wallet they have for negotiation leverage and spot those others are buying or selling.

Neither regard extracting buried data from hundreds of public documents as their core activity or expertise, tying up valuable resources. Neither achieve consistent, quality results. Nor do they have the data structuring and front-end infrastructure to produce insights in an accessible format.

instiHub’s fully transparent sub-advisory solution is specifically designed to deliver what sub-advisers and sponsors seek. Gone are the days when every firm needs to replicate the same laborious process. Our existing user base from both groups agree.

instiHub Pricing insights

Very few sellers and buyers of individually negotiated investment strategies, institutional or sub-advisory, large or small, have a central intelligence repository for all their pricing arrangements in accessible, let alone actionable, format. Email, Excel spreadsheets and Investment Management Agreements form a disparate array of storage means. How can firms ensure consistent pricing at a level that, compared to other existing deals, are most advantageous? How can firms plan or ensure they deliver good value for money?

instiHub’s pricing solution gives users the information they need at their fingertips:

  • Ensure no money is left on the table by benchmarking new deals against existing ones, adjusting for price influencing factors such as strategic relationship discounts;
  • As a buyer, get comfortable the price paid is fair;
  • Assess the impact of a new deal at a specific fee level on your overall margin;
  • Extrapolate into the future the impact of observable fee movements over time;
  • Manage your prospect pipeline to focus on highest margin client segments and markets;
  • Drill down and filter by geographic, investment strategy, client specific dimensions.

And how about competition law? instiHub’s solution conforms to expert legal advice in this area. After all, investment management isn’t the only industry where individually negotiated prices are now becoming transparent. If the industry doesn’t come up with the solution, regulators surely will before long.

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