Intelligising asset management

Providing commercially impactful insights from data is what defines us.

instiHub’s passion

Since 2015 instiHub has been developing actionable management tools and unique data insights solutions for stakeholders of the asset management industry globally. What gives us passion is clients telling us that they derive competitive advantage and enhance their revenue potential through our public and confidential data-based insights applications.

What We Stand For

Dedication to clients’ needs and support

Actionable insights directly and positively impacting our clients' commercial bottom line

Uncompromising about data quality and accuracy

Long-term commitment to technology development

Who We Are

100% of the team consists of senior asset management practitioners and technology experts with several decades of collective experience in executive positions within leading global asset management firms and technology enterprises. Our insider know-how spans across technology, business insights, market intelligence, management, strategy, distribution, marketing, product development and operations.

Key to our success is a rare combination of data, market intelligence, technology and client service experts.

Meet them here:

Andreas Pfunder

Founder and Managing Director

Andreas has 20 years of experience in the global asset management industry. Before founding instiHub in 2014 he was leading Strategic Insight’s Europe and Asia operations including data service development and client services. Previously, Andreas worked for Fidelity International until 2006 in a range of senior roles including investment sales and subsequently for AllianceBernstein across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Andreas has extensive experience in strategy, finance, marketing, product development and customer service. He is an alumnus of London Business School from where he graduated in 2003 with an Executive MBA.

Christophe Guillard

senior solutions delivery manager

Christophe has 20 years of experience in the global asset management industry. Before joining instiHub in August 2015 he led the Marketing Intelligence function at Hermes. Previously, Christophe worked for Fidelity until 2004 in various roles such as Business Systems Analyst in Business Finance and Finance. Subsequently he worked for Jupiter in the Marketing Intelligence function as Business Intelligence manager and served as a pension member-nominated trustee. Christophe is well placed to understand the questions and issues the marketing intelligence community faces.

Robert Bryan

technology director

After starting his career in sales, Robert has successfully transitioned into software development and for 15 years has been key in the development of crucial projects for a number of companies within the UK and the US including Dow Jones. Robert has worked with a range of technologies and corporations to include developing e-commerce sites and sales order processing systems to being in charge of the technology behind Europe’s largest venture capital data suppliers and also a developer within one of the world’s leading online games.

Laura Vaivadiene


Laura has a vast experience in various admin, business support, IT roles. Before joining instiHub, Laura was working for an engineering recruitment company where she started as a compliance administrator and within years she transitioned her career into data analysis. Laura was responsible for the company’s data strategy development and providing insightful management information to improve decision-making and control within the business. Laura has extensive familiarity with raw and processed data and is passionate about relational databases. Laura is a graduate of Vilnius University with a BA in Business Informatics.

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