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Actionable Data Tools with Direct Impact on Commercial Results for Asset Managers and Their Clients Worldwide.

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What We Do

instiHub transforms commercially valuable but elusive asset management industry data into actionable insights for our clients’ competitive advantage. We offer two unique and proprietary solutions to make this advantage accessible.

High data quality

We collect, scrub and index data on mandates, funds, strategies, buyers, sellers, sub-advisers, transacted prices, flows and assets. Sources range from public via confidential to strictly anonymous. The team built skills and expertise over many decades as asset management, data provider and technology practitioners. Rigorous data quality assurance processes at all production stages come to us naturally.

Development of actionable, commercially impactful analytics tools

Our in-house technology team builds instiHub’s proprietary data structuring and warehousing backbone, data processing and analytics code as well as unique front-end delivery and drill-down user interfaces. All are designed to make data insights as actionable and commercially relevant as possible.

IT and data security

instiHub is also a fully vetted vendor of confidential data-based solutions to some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We comply with their IT and data security requirements in handling some of their most sensitive data.

Two exclusive data solutions

  1. instiHub Public sub-advisory insights: fully transparent sales lead generation, benchmarking and sub-adviser negotiation tool only available from instiHub. Valuable to sell-side asset managers and buy-side sponsors active in the EMEA sub-advised fund space. instiHub tracks a large sub-advised universe: €778 billion assets under management in over 1,931 funds per February ’20.
  1. instiHub Pricing insights: actual transacted, deal-by-deal market clearing prices (not rate card fees) for any individually negotiated investment mandate. The interactive analytics interface transforms data into actionable pricing decisions, a price negotiation and sales pipeline prioritisation tool. All to ensure greater economic success for subscribers. Restricted to participating members, anonymous and in line with competition laws.

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Exclusivity of our solutions

instiHub is the only provider of aggregated, accessible EMEA sub-advisory data and of data infrastructure and output software giving insights into actual transacted institutional pricing arrangements for investment mandates.

By Practitioners, for Practitioners: deep understanding of your business drivers and challenges

Unusually for a data provider, instiHub’s team members are asset management industry practitioners and technology experts with a long history of working in a variety of senior roles within asset management businesses across European and Asian markets. We understand the revenue and cost drivers as well as KPIs for this industry better than our competitors.

Proprietary technology and insights platform

Based on our industry and technology knowledge we develop proprietary applications that ensure our data insights translate into commercially meaningful decisions and actions. Examples are the ability to locate competitors’ sub-advisory holdings with specific buyers that users are likely able to replace with their superior product; or the assessment of a specific pricing deal against existing revenue or cost margins and within the context of other deals. We have total control over our proprietary technology and undertake continuous development that moves with the shifting demands the industry’s ecosystem place on our clients.



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